Business & Industry Assistance

Jeff Peterson & Associates helps business and industry leaders take a proactive stance to sharpen their competitive edge and control costs by reducing employee turnover and work-related injuries.

Finding the Right Employee for the Right Job

We assist companies in resolving questions or issues encountered in their employee selection, retention, or promotion processes. In conjunction with the employer, we determine the essential criteria necessary to perform the job and establish qualifications needed by job applicants that are specific for that company.

Job Analyses

Working closely with employers, our company performs job analyses and job site surveys that yield useful information for formulating employer specific job descriptions. Well written job descriptions identify the essential requirements and qualifications of a specific job and are then utilized in making human resource decisions (e.g., hiring, firing, placement, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act). When it comes to making return-to-work decisions for injured workers, job descriptions are beneficial in devising benchmarks for pre- and post- injury comparative analysis and determining whether or not an employee can go back to work.

Early Return-To-Work Programs

When a work-related injury occurs, a very narrow window of opportunity exists to get the employee back to work. We help through the development and implementation of an early return-to-work program. Utilizing a systematic approach, the workplace is thoroughly evaluated to determine what accommodations are required to help the employee resume work duties in the most efficient manner possible. To ease the transition process, assistance is offered with job, equipment, and work site modifications. As part of an interdisciplinary team consisting of physical therapists, nurses, physicians, the employer, and other key team players, we provide other valuable services that facilitate all facets of recovery, namely, vocational evaluations and consultations, healthcare provider consultations, case management, rehabilitation plan development, and labor market surveys.

ADA / OSHA Compliance Assistance

We help ensure business compliance with the vocational aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA regulations – minimizing the likelihood of entanglement in a future legal quagmire.