Career Counseling

We help people make decisions as to what they want to be when they grow up, even if they are already grown up. At Jeff Peterson & Associates, we serve high school students who seek help with college or career planning, college students needing guidance on choosing the best major or career path, young adults who realize they’re in the wrong career, and older adults who yearn for something better – a more fulfilling career.

High School Students. Answering the question “What are you going to do after high school?” can be, and often is, hard for a student. We can help answer that question. Making the right decisions while in high school can save time, effort, and money as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Our goal is to identify each student’s skills, abilities, interests, personalities, and values in order to select a career plan best suited for the individual. In doing so, we can help determine a pathway to a career that is challenging, fulfilling, and just the right fit.

College Students. When it comes to the job market, a big advantage goes to those who make the right career decision early. The sooner a person learns what he or she has the abilities and passion for, the sooner one can use the school years to acquire the knowledge, skills, and necessary requirements. Many college students use a “trial and error” or “process of elimination” approach in determining their major course of study and take longer to complete their degree. Others graduate from college and begin their career only to learn that it does not match their personalities or abilities. We provide career assessment, planning, and counseling to assist in selecting a major as well as a career path that best matches a person’s characteristics, skills, and abilities.

Adults Who Desire Change. All too often, people are unhappy in what they do because they made the wrong decision for the wrong reasons. For others, the job may have been great in the beginning, but over time it lost its meaning and challenge. Regardless of the reasons, working in the wrong career can lead to unnecessary stress, job burnout, depression, and can even be hazardous to one’s health. By assessing a person’s abilities, interests, values, background, lifestyles, and goals we can help pinpoint the reasons for dissatisfaction and identify the career or work situation that is most suitable. People who benefit from our services are:

  • Young adults who realize they are in the wrong line of work
  • People in mid-life careers who recognize that it’s time to make a change, whether by choice or not
  • Older adults preparing for retirement
  • Retirees who want to do more with their time

“The vocational evaluation helped our three children identify vocations that were suited to their personality, work ethic, and abilities as well as those to be avoided. Individual counseling provided information regarding options for various occupations and educational resources available. Based on the results of the first evaluation, we opted to have our other two children participate. All of our children graduated from college without having to change their majors, and all became professionals.”

– Karen and John Bruce